Installing nautilus-open-terminal in Debian bullseye

For some reason the handy little “Open in Terminal” menu option of Nautilus in Gnome is not available in Debian bullseye (maybe because of gconf2 deprecation? Who knows). To add insult to the injury, you cannot install the package (nautilus-open-terminal) from Jessie because libpango has been renamed from libpango1.0-0 to libpango1.0-0. Here’s the despicable way I made it work on my install:

1. Download the .deb file from jessie for your arch

2. Make a folder to unpack the package: mkdir nautilus-open-terminal-internals

3. Unpack: dpkg-deb -R nautilus-open-terminal_0.20-1_`dpkg --print-architecture`.deb nautilus-open-terminal-internals

4. Modify the dependency name in the control file: sed -i -e 's/libpango1/libpango-1/g' ./nautilus-open-terminal-internals/DEBIAN/control

5. Repack: dpkg-deb -b nautilus-open-terminal-internals nautilus-open-terminal-bullseye.deb

6. Install: dpkg -i nautilus-open-terminal-bullseye.deb

7. Restart nautilus: nautilus -q

8. Enjoy the seemingly limitless possibilities


All together:


mkdir nautilus-open-terminal-internals
dpkg-deb -R nautilus-open-terminal_0.20-1_`dpkg –print-architecture`.deb nautilus-open-terminal-internals
sed -i -e ‘s/libpango1/libpango-1/g’ ./nautilus-open-terminal-internals/DEBIAN/control
dpkg-deb -b nautilus-open-terminal-internals nautilus-open-terminal-bullseye.deb
dpkg -i nautilus-open-terminal-bullseye.deb

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